sábado, 16 de julio de 2011



Sitting in front of me for the shoot was Logan, Nathan, and CJ to do another shoot to make some money. When I asked them if they knew why they were at the studio, they all started to mention they knew that sex was going to happen. I asked if they had any idea of which one of them was going to be bottoming and the fingers pointed to CJ who looked over at the lamp. Come to find out his opinion was that it was much easier to bottom than top, because you didn’t have to worry about being hard, or doing any of the work. Even though the answer was always going to be no, Nathan had no plans on ever bottoming for me. Logan on the other hand tried bottoming for another shoot and after experiencing his first time, he wasn’t ready to try it again just yet. Although for the money he said it was worth it.

To get the guys moving I had them stand up to take off their shirts, and I wanted them to be next to one another arm to arm. This way I could see them all in the camera to compare to one another. Bare chests showing, it was kind of funny that they were lined up from tallest to shortest. Just like a famous cell phone commercial. All the guys stripped down to their boxers, and Logan had on a pair of shamrock boxers for Saint Patrick’s Day. Taking a seat on the couch, I put on the porn and by the time I turned around CJ was hard and ready to get started with the oral. He just said that the sooner they got everything going, the sooner the fucking would be over with. Doing the Broke Straight Boys wave the guys do oral in one direction on the couch and then after a while switch and go back in the other direction. Nathan was the only one that didn’t know what the wave was. The guys were laughing and having a good time as blow jobs were going around. The guys on the ends of the couch gave Nathan shit for having to give head twice, but I told them that he at least got head from the both of them.

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